Strawberries in May

Now is the time to eat strawberries. Eat them straight out of the punnet, from the field, your garden and so forth… Add some sugar if they’re too tart, mint leaves, honey or… Continue reading

Raising…..chilis and tomatillos

Even though I will be raising a kid soon, for the time being I get to practice my tender loving care not only on our bunnies Dorothy and Miranda, but also on an… Continue reading

Boudin Noir and warm potatoes with caramelized pear and crispy parsnips

I have talked about the joys of eating offal at length before, so I can’t think of a better occasion to continue my ‘eat more offal’ stance than cooking a dish from sublime… Continue reading

better give than receive

I’m pretty crap at waiting or being patient. Waiting doesn’t come natural to me at all. And this month I really waited, I anticipated, I looked forward and I tried so hard to… Continue reading

Your food is only as good as your equipment

  No dull knives please. Ever! Having the right kind of equipment at hand when cooking is paramount to me. I am a kitchen equipment snob. But not in a bad way.. It’s… Continue reading

Mini Travel Guide to Southwest Germany

Germany is back on the map! The internet tells me that Germany has made its way back on people’s’ bucket list of exciting places to visit. Most people I’ve met who have spent… Continue reading

Sending food around the world

This month we had plenty of sunshine and I was hanging around near the water a lot. Cooking’s been sidelined a bit, so no big news here if it weren’t for the Foodie… Continue reading

German Food: Schnitzel, Spätzle and a Chanterelle Sauce

  Schnitzel, Spätzle with a Chanterelle Velvet Sauce – a Teutonic masterpiece! 600 g pork (cut from the backside), thinly sliced into Schnitzel portions 500 g fresh chanterelle mushroms (Giroles) 2 shalots 1… Continue reading

Be self-sufficient (and survive an apocalypse)

We are contemplating a life in South-West Germany. This is because I am not a real urbanite, one who can happily succumb to the rhythms of a metropolis, steering through the trials and… Continue reading

Momentary lapse of cravings

There’s only one thing that always hits the spot: