People who like to eat their meat raw…

Stop wrinkling your nose, I totally love animals. But I also very much love to eat meat. I try to do the ‘right thing’ and often buy meat that once was a happy animal, allowed to feed on green pastures or roll around in mud, dying a sweet death so that people like me can enjoy the tenderness of their muscles. Despite the violation against life itself, I can’t help liking it. I try to keep the balance by slipping in plenty of vegetables-only days during the week, but the meat cravings always get me after a while.

What better way to satisfy such a profound craving with beef, to be more precise, with raw beef. A wonderfully marbled steak for example, brown and slightly crisp on the edges, buttery, soft and juicy inside. A rib eye steak that melts in your mouth.

To please our aesthetic sense when eating, raw food needs to be presented in a sophisticated manner. This to me, is a weird distortion of the truth as there are few things more elemental and ‘raw’ than raw meat itself.
Steak Tartare is such a dish. It is earthy goodness. Raw ingredients that can stand for themselves in terms of quality, flavour and texture. Combined, they make a masterpiece of a dish, yet despite all its rawness, Steak Tartare is sophistication on a plate at its best, almost accidentally as it seems.

Here’s how Steak Tartare should be served:
Use the very finest filet of beef you can find and grind it into a Tartare texture. Add it to a plate with chopped, salted capers, raw chopped white onion, one raw egg yolk and frites, the French kind. The perfect meat-heaven, for once in a while…..!