Sending food around the world

This month we had plenty of sunshine and I was hanging around near the water a lot. Cooking’s been sidelined a bit, so no big news here if it weren’t for the Foodie pen pals. I totally got a kick out of this, The FPP scheme is an invention by The Lean Green Bean with its European representative This is Rock Salt and I signed up to it last month!

For people like myself, who live in countries where residents prefer the local cuisine to others, this is great. I am usually after anything British, American or other exotic foods. It makes me happy to see the Cadbury’s logo or Coleman’s mustard on German supermarket shelves, which rarely happens. This is pretty much why being a Foodie pen pal really worked for me this month.

Jessica doesn’t have a blog, but if she’s reading mine: hi Jessica! My other pen pal Sophia doesn’t have a blog either, which makes this post slightly boring but I can’t help it.

Jess sent a very British box with the best of Blighty, plus some spices I mentioned in my letter to her. Good girl!

I got these spice ‘jars’ from Waitrose’s own brand ‘Cooks ingredients..’. Kaffir lime leaves and Galangal. Cheers for that Jess.

I got more spices in form of Asafoetida and Bengali 5-spice which smells so strong, it overpowered everything else. Jess also sent some British candy and all of it was lightly scented by the Bengali spice. I had to put it in an airtight jar, as my entire kitchen has taken on the scent. I wonder what happens once I roast the spices in a pan. I might have to find myself an outdoor kitchen.

I’ve already mentioned the candy. This was proper old-fashioned stuff. Black Jacks, Refreshers, Love Hearts, Popping Candy and more. The refreshers only lasted 5 minutes, i couldn’t stuff my face fast enough.

The parcel also contained a jar of pickled garlic, which I ended up roasting together with some chicken thighs. A pack of Dragonfly Organic Moonlight Jasmine Tea rounded the parcel off. This tea has been a steady companion during my years in Britain.

The parcel I collated (and you wIll never get to see) was a typical German food parcel. It contained spectacular organic Sauerkraut, a spice mix for ‘Bratkartoffeln’ (fried potatoes), Kirschwasser (Kirsch Schnaps), luxury chocolate in three strengths from the Berlin chocolatier Fassbender und Rausch as well as a bag of dried Spaetzle.

Find out more about the FPP here: