Your food is only as good as your equipment


No dull knives please. Ever!

Having the right kind of equipment at hand when cooking is paramount to me. I am a kitchen equipment snob. But not in a bad way.. It’s just that I can’t stand cheap, whimsical kitchen knives that bend when you try to cut anything harder than a perfectly ripe pear. I am appalled by cutting boards the size of my smartphone and I can’t understand why so many people insist on using gimmicky kitchen ‘helpers’ that chop onions, peel garlic or cook all your meals.

But people like gimmicky things. They like cheap, tacky plastic equipment, designed to ruin food. Same thing when it comes to spices. Pre-mixed seasonings are not legit in the kitchen. I repeat, pre-mixed spices are simply not good enough! At least not in my kitchen.

Taking a step back from my rant, I do see the ease of using something that has been pre-defined by someone else’s taste buds. It’s quick and instant and usually fairly correct in terms of flavouring. But to me it is cheating, a self-destructive kind of cheating. Look at it this way, by using something that has not been conceived by the combination of your own experience, preferences and skill, you never really get to understand the layers of flavour in a dish.

A spice mix from the supermarket prevents you from basking in the sunshine of real knowledge. The useful skill of knowing how to chop an onion is also a fundamental one. Learning how to chop an onion often marks the beginning of an intimate relationship with food and kitchens. That handy-looking chopping tool poses a threat to this relationship, consider that! Just throw the all those cooking and preparing tools in the trash, will you? Chuck them in the bin or out the window (don’t forget to pick everything up and recycle). But stop using this nonsense, return to making slow food instead of just eating it and the world will become a better place.