better give than receive

I’m pretty crap at waiting or being patient.
Waiting doesn’t come natural to me at all.
And this month I really waited, I anticipated, I looked forward and I tried so hard to be patient.
But nothing happened. There was no parcel. No box full of goodies. No foodie pen pal for me this month.
I guess you can feel a bit sorry for me now.

Feels like ice cream melting in your hands

My ‘giving’ pen pal has been unable to send off a package, which is not her fault, life just does things sometimes. While I am sending her some good vibes and strength, my ‘receiving’ pen pal felt inspired by my package – thank god for that! Check out what I sent Alice here.

As much fun as I had getting my box-contents together, I sweated over my parcel choices quite a bit. I wanted to collate a typical German box intended to show how great German food is. The fact that Alice liked my box, totally makes up for missing out on the complete fpp experience.

I s’ppose October will bring a fresh new round of foodie pen pal-ism and hopefully another box for me in exchange for one of mine.
I absolutely can’t wait!!