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Mini Travel Guide to Southwest Germany

Germany is back on the map! The internet tells me that Germany has made its way back on people’s’ bucket list of exciting places to visit. Most people I’ve met who have spent… Continue reading

German Food: Schnitzel, Spätzle and a Chanterelle Sauce

  Schnitzel, Spätzle with a Chanterelle Velvet Sauce – a Teutonic masterpiece! 600 g pork (cut from the backside), thinly sliced into Schnitzel portions 500 g fresh chanterelle mushroms (Giroles) 2 shalots 1… Continue reading

Meat Fondue – the German way

Here in Germany, Fondue is reserved for special days of the year. Most families I know stage it during holiday season in December or January. It is an 80’s kind of dish, one… Continue reading

There’s Something about German Food and Wine

  When I originally posted the German Dumpling Guide people asked me to write more about German food in general. I’m not an institution on German food but I can cook it extremely… Continue reading

The German dumpling guide

Dumpling = Knödel = Kloß = Klops Today I’m celebrating the dumpling with two traditional German dumpling recipes. One uses bread, the other potatoes. But first, I feel obliged to give you a… Continue reading

Let them have Strawberry Cake!

Strawberry cake is divine. It can be bought virtually everywhere in Berlin at the moment and always comes the same way: A crumbly shortcrust-pastry bottom is topped with a soft vanilla sponge and… Continue reading