What to eat when you’re in Greece

As far as we know, the world’s first cookbook was written by a Greek (Archestratos in 330 B.C). When I think of Greek food I think of the ripest tomatoes, salty feta, crispy… Continue reading


I have been awarded the SUNSHINE AWARD by the lovely Alison Hein from Mixer Upper whose blog and recipes I really love!! Yes, I know, the sunshine award isn’t exactly a Saveur badge,… Continue reading

Meat Fondue – the German way

Here in Germany, Fondue is reserved for special days of the year. Most families I know stage it during holiday season in December or January. It is an 80’s kind of dish, one… Continue reading

Food from the Telly

There’s a food show on telly tonight and I am not allowed to watch it! My husband hates cooking shows or anything related to food on TV which is a pity and even… Continue reading

Homemade Burger

It is time to pay tribute to the Burger. A real homemade Burger. As with all things homemade, it takes time and skills to perfect it. Pay attention to three things 1. Quality… Continue reading

People who like to eat their meat raw…

Stop wrinkling your nose, I totally love animals. But I also very much love to eat meat. I try to do the ‘right thing’ and often buy meat that once was a happy… Continue reading

White Artichoke Pizza

There’s nothing as addictive as an Artichoke when it comes to food. This is the conclusion I’m drawing after obsessing about them for weeks. It is not even full season yet but I… Continue reading

Artichokes – Yeah!

The Artichoke is a Thistle and therefore an edible flower! Isn’t this amazing? A flower that is so much fun to eat and that comes in complex textures, flavour and even structure. There’s… Continue reading

Lookin’ Good!

You might have noticed, we’ve changed our appearance! The look and feel is dramatically different and more dynamic, we’ve added a few new features that make this blog easier to use. Our content… Continue reading

There’s Something about German Food and Wine

  When I originally posted the German Dumpling Guide people asked me to write more about German food in general. I’m not an institution on German food but I can cook it extremely… Continue reading