Eating Offal

Modern European cooking is famously integrating long-lost and forgotten ingredients again which means we’re now all chewing on spleens, spreading ducks’ livers on toasted brioche, munching away on black pudding and ox’s hearts…… Continue reading

Seafood and Pasta

Seafood Linguine 3 shallots, chopped 3 lg. garlic cloves, chopped 200 ml . olive oil 1 lg. cans plum tomatoes, drained & chopped 1 tbsp. tomato paste 100 ml dry white wine 100… Continue reading

I like British Food

So there we were. Great, big, sparkly city with the peculiar smell of, well, I guess that would have to be curry. The smell that is London. A thick, sweet scent of garam… Continue reading

Let them have Strawberry Cake!

Strawberry cake is divine. It can be bought virtually everywhere in Berlin at the moment and always comes the same way: A crumbly shortcrust-pastry bottom is topped with a soft vanilla sponge and… Continue reading