About The Food Club’s Food!

I grew up in South-West Germany, where my family is growing wine, cherries, plums and much more. My grandparents are fruit and wine farmers and I’ve spent my childhood among the beautiful vineyards and cherry orchards they own. It is my heritage and my family’s eating habits that have forever influenced the way I look at and enjoy food.

I think I’m a decent amateur cook, but this blog wouldn’t be possible without my husband’s input.
When I met G. and it turned out he was an actual professional in the kitchen and a gifted chef, things really gelled.

Together, we have lived in London for quite a few years, where our love for food got nurtured by the buzz around us. A couple of years ago we decided to move to Berlin. This is where we re-discovered German food and other local gems which we’d like to share with the rest of the world. We’ve only just relocated to the South, Germany’s horn of plenty, from here, we plan on taking things a step further…whatever this might involve!

We love discussing everything about food from reviews, pairings, buying and preparing, trends, seasons and much more. We’re slightly obsessed, so you don’t have to be!

The Food Club is a lot of fun to write and a very nice hobby, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and neither should you.

We hope you like our culinary escapades and let us know whenever you happen to visit Germany’s Southwest, we’re always happy to share some culinary knowledge and experiences and the occasional plate of food.

Yours, The Food Club’s Food